Name: Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友)
Nickname: Mayuyu (まゆゆ)
Birthdate: March 26th, 1994 (Blood Type: -)
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Height · Weight (B/W/H): 154cm, **kg (B:72cm/W:55cm/H:82.5cm)
Team: Team B 
Subgroup: Watarirouka Hashiritai
Agency: OgiPro
Blog: Watarirouka Hashiritai Blog
Website: Watanabe Mayu Official Website

Hobbies: Collecting polkadotted things
Likes: Cute things, pink, potato
Favourite drink: Pirukuru (a health drink)
Least favourite food: Pickles
Audition song: Kitade Nana - KISS or KISS (from the drama Anego)
Hates beetle larvae.
It is often said that her face looks like her mother's.
Mayu is in the wind instruments club at her school, and plays euphonium.
Was in the health committee at school
Admires and respects fellow Team B member Hirajima Natsumi
Known to be close friends with former teammate Oota Aika

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